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Why We Build

"While I am at OTR I am able to live independently, and I still have the same quality of life I had 15 years ago. I am able to go out, be active, be a part of the community, be gainfully employed and have a job. If it wasn't for Over the Rainbow, I don't know what I would've been able to do." -Jason Sanicki, OTR Resident

The Challenge: According to Housing Action/Illinois

In 2016, there were 168,721 PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES in Illinois LIVING SOLELY OR PRIMARILY on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of $733 PER MONTH

On average. a PERSON WITH A DISABILITY receiving SSI would have to PAY 122% OF THEIR MONTHLY INCOME TO RENT a one-bedroom apartment

In both 2015 and 2017. ILLINOIS RANKED 47TH among the nation for HOW WELL THE STATE SUPPORTS those with intellectual and developmental DISABILITIES 

SOLUTION: OTR (Over the Rainbow) starts with great design and then makes each building a home through an array of services. 􀀋ere's what living without limits looks like at OTR: 

Barrier-Free Design-Forward Apartments

  • Open, universal design

  • Extra-wide doorways (exceeds ADA)

  • Roll-under kitchen counters

  • Easy-access handles & controls

  • Five-foot turning radius in bathrooms



Our residents typically pay no more than 30% of their income, with the remainder subsidized by vouchers from government agencies. 



Every resident is offered a multitude of enrichment programming to help fight isolation and encourage independence. Some programs include, but are not limited to cooking and nutrition classes, art classes, chair yoga, massage therapy, etc. OTR's annual fundraising events support the enrichment programming provided by OTR

Advocacy &

One-On-One Support

  • Navigating Insurance, Government Assistance

  • Securing Equipment & Health Services

  • Assisting with Home Management

  • Supporting Job Training & Employment Searches

  • Budgeting

  • Crisis Intervention

FACT: Our Work Saves You Money

The cost per individual with a disability in institutionalized care per year is $155,855 (*United Cerebral Palsy 2017*). The cost per individual with a disability in an OTR apartment community is $29,000 per year. The total cost savings per person in an OTR apartment is $126,855 per year. OTR annual cost savings for 150 residents is $12.7 Million. 1 in 3 OTR residents would be living in a state-funded nursing home if they were not in an OTR apartment community

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