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Resident Services Program

To provide a complete and long-term housing solution, we have incorporated a Resident Services Program at all our apartment communities

Our Resident Services Program is best of breed, empowering residents to pursue the highest quality of life they aspire to.

Our Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) are licensed social works on staff that help residents build their informal support networks.  RSCs also provide quality of life programming and additional support to our residents.


"Once basic housing needs are met, we focus on improving a resident's sense of independence and ultimately quality of life"

Katie Miglore, Vice President OTR.

Our Resident Service Coordinators partner with residents to cut through red tape and advocate for their success.

RSCs work with residents to make sure they stay housed.  This involves helping residents navigate their insurance benefits, providing conflict resolution assistance as appropriate, and seeking out assistance from community resources when needed.


A strong support system makes things happen

OTR Residents achieve goals such as going back to school, gaining employment, getting help with mental health issues, learning how to budget, learning how to advocate for themselves, etc., all hallmarks of success.   RSCs encourage residents to be proactive in meeting their social, psychological and physical needs to better their health and quality of life.

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